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beautiful Sambodhi.......I cried the last time as I landed in India also......

I grew up reading books like Exodus & O Jerusalem and was always in awe of how much courage the Israelis had when they created their nation.......also the raid on Entebbe...........they were my heroes growing up........

you are absolutely right though, that more need to hold that vision of peace so that land can heal and be loving instead!!


Yekirati, what a beautiful way of expressing our love to the land we are so much part of. I believe in peace and so do millions of Pallastinians and Israelis. My dream is that our children who put it as a firt priority will bring harmony and peace. Thank you Motek for being so sensitive and caring, Ani Ohevet Otach Meod, Mistana


metukona, boker tov,
its so nice and touching hearing you shearing those feelings of yours.
You know me, I am not part of the Band and I do keep saying to friends here that there is another option, but its difficult, they look at me like I am a really naive person.....my concern is my beautiful daughter and her life in the future......what would I do if,(fut fut fut)a war comes and anything happens to her or to her mum or even to me?; what will she do if or when someone will judge her for her passport in the future?
To sheare a bit of my experience, I am at the point of having decided that there is no way I will ever really meet you guys here...and I am closing off, slowly but surely, preferring to bottle up instead of looking for someone to share with that doesn't came.
I am here 6 years almost and I still have to get a phone call from someone...no people here really know the word "investing for love and friendship" forget it ....so that, after being so much hurt from the silence , that I decided to stop asking for it and I am now waiting to see what this will bring me ....so far very little but at least it helps me not waisting more energy....

thank u for this opportunity...keep doing what you know the best....
Love & Light.....

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