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C Ong0

The weather in Holland ís strange, sometimes it's doing exactly the opposit of what I want, then it's raining only just that times when I go out, but sometimes it's exactly the way I want it, or even need it.
Then it behaves like when it's raining all day and the sun breaks trough, just when I go out.
But did you noticed that after a good AUM meditation the sky is all cleared up, like we are cleaned up?
I have already for a long time the idea, that the weather is what the people are in their mind and there are stories from people that agree with this thought and I experiënced it myself, how the weather is really communicating with me.
I used to call it signs from God.


The weather is confused...poor little planet doesn't know what rules to follow anymore. Even here it has been behaving very strangely: Sometimes cool, rainy mornings (people are in shock, rain at the end of May, in Israel?!), followed by heat so stifling it feels like you're walking around in soup - either that, or sand/dust storms that coat everything in a fine yellow blanket, choking us, irritating our eyes and lungs...and then the evening will be cold again, or hot again, - no knowing what to expect. Such strange weather. Some trees are still bare, while others are in full bloom - in a way it's a bit funny, in another it's so very sad to see Nature at a loss.
I send you love, dear sister.

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